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Warbirds, Experimental, Homebuilt, Restricted

Experimental and Home Built aircraft are two of the fastest growing segments of general aviation. But, what is an experimental aircraft worth for insurance, re-sale, donation or other? The very nature of Experimental and Home Built aircraft dictates that no two are the same. Restricted category aircraft and warbirds both occupy a unique place in the aircraft marketplace, all of their attributes, performance capabilities, modifications, provenance and historical values must be assessed to arrive at an accurate market value.

WarBird Appraisal

Attention to detail, and quality of options differ from aircraft to aircraft. The appraisal process fairly and objectively assesses the aircraft value.



Built on a budget or built as a premium level aircraft - the avionics installed on the same make and model differ dramatically. The avionics may have a substantial impact on the aircraft's value.


Quality of Exterior Finish:
Lockheed T33 Appraisal
General Motors FM-2
Douglas A-24B

The quality, attention to detail and in the case of historical or military aircraft, the accuracy of the patterns and symbols not only affects how the aircraft looks, it affects the aircraft's value. Builder to builder variation here can be extreme, and appearance significantly affects value. Again, our appraisal process does this objectively and fairly.


What is the Engine Worth:

Some builders use modified automobile engines, others certified aircraft engines. Whether the aircraft has a modified Subaru engine or a Lycoming will dramatically affect value. Our appraisal process utilizes the engine information to develop the aircraft's value.


Collectors, Museums and Institutions are always on the search for aircraft that have "provenance". The fact that an aircraft was a first of its kind, used in a famous battle or flown by a celebrated aviator can significantly add to the aircraft's market value and whenever possible must be researched and accounted for.


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