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Airplane & Jet Appraisals

 King Air Appraisal

Maintenance Counts:

Maintenance accounts for a major portion of the cost of ownership. An aircraft due for a major overhaul is likely worth considerably less than one recently overhauled. Aircraft with a damage history will most of the time have less value than a plane with a clean history. The appraisal process fairly and objectively assesses the value of components requiring routine maintenance and damage history.


Not only are there thousands of avionics types, manufacturers, and model combinations but they differ widely in value. Consequently, avionics have a substantial impact on the aircrafts value. Many avionic components become obsolete in a very short time from installation and it is not uncommon for the value of avionics from one aircraft to another to differ by $100,000 to $500,000 or more.

Gulfstream Appraisal

Quality of Exterior Finish:

The condition and design of the exterior finish not only affects how the aircraft looks, it affects the aircraft's value and paint quality not only affects appearance but may affect the aircraft's performance as well. Variation of design and an individual's choice of colors and patterns here can be extreme, and can significantly affect value. Again, the appraisal process considers these factors objectively and fairly.

What is the Engine Worth:

The engine is the most critical part of the aircraft, ultimately requiring routine maintenance and overhauls. Engines usually represent a large percentage and many times the largest percentage of value of the overall value of the aircraft. Power-By-The-Hour maintenance plans, if in force, must be analyzed and their impact on the overall value status of the engine incorporated into the final appraised value.

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