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All images taken from appraisals completed by Hart Aircraft Appraisal.

Helicopters - Maintenance Counts: 


Helicopters must use forces acting on the airframe to generate lift. As a result helicopters have more complicated maintenance requirements and more time limited components. Consequently, maintenance plays a larger role in estimating value than in fixed wing aircraft. As with fixed wing aircraft, helicopters with a damage history have less value than helicopters with a clean history. Our appraisal process fairly and objectively assesses the value of of components requiring routine maintenance and damage history analysis as well as analyzing the aircraft's historical operations history.



Although helicopters typically have fewer avionics components than an a fixed wing aircraft in a similar mission, avionics still comprise a significant portion of a helicopter's value.


aircraft component appraisal
Optional Equipment:

Much of the value in any individual helicopter may come from its installed specialized optional equipment. From Full EMS equipped helicopters to Offshore, Agricultural, Fire-Fighting and Law Enforcement, these special options can more than double the market value of the aircraft. A thorough knowledge of the many available modifications is necessary to account for these value factors.

What is the engine worth: 


A fixed wing owner must consider the cost of overhauling engines and props. The helicopter owner has engines, main rotor, rotor head, tail rotor, swash plates, gear boxes, actuators, and other time limited components. Depending on the configuration, the same component has different life cycles and overhaul costs. These costs can affect the value by $1,000,000 and more. Our appraisal process utilizes personal knowledge as well as proprietary data bases of component costs and the configured life cycles to develop a correct value for the residual life in the aircraft's time limited components.

aircraft engine appraisal
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