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Helicopter appraisal EC130
Business Jet Appraisal Citation XLS
Spare Engines
Citation X
Bell UH1H
Citation III
Citation SII
Warbird appraisal General Motors FM2
Huey II
Turboprop appraisal King Air
warbird appraisal Douglas A24B
airplane appraisal Beechcraft V35A
helicopter appraisal Agusta 109
helicopter appraisal NAAA appraisers
NAAA appraisers King Air C90
airplane appraisers Pilatus PC-12/47
airplane appraisal Cessna 320D
Curtiss P49.png
Cessna 414A.png
Agusta 109.JPG
Citation X
Bell 47.JPG
AS350BA NAAA appraiser
Beech A36 certified appraisal
Jet appraisal Gulfstream
Beechcraft 76 NAAA appraisal
warbird Douglas A20 appraiser
helicopter appraisal Bell 206B
Bell 407 helicopter appraiser
Bell 407 helicopter appraisal
Bell OH-58 helicopter appraisal
helicopter EC135T2 appraisal
Martin B-26 warbird appraisal
Cessna 152 airplane appraisal
AS350D helicopter appraisal
Cessna 172 RG airplane appraiser
Bell 206B3 appraiser
Cessna 172 airplane appraisers
AS350B3 helicopter appraisal
Cessna 185 floatplane appraisal
Cessna 310Q twin appraisal
Bell 206B NAAA appraiser
Cessna 414 NAAA appriasal
Cessna 421C airplane appraisal
Bell 47 agricultural appraisal
Cessna 425 airplane appriasal
Cessna C560 business jet appraise
Cessna Conquest airplane appraisal
EC120B airbus appraisal
Epic LT turboprop appraisal
Gulfstream GII jet appraisal
S55T helicopter appraisal
King Air E90 an appraisal
Bell 206L1 ENG appraisal
Lear 31 jet appraiser
MD369FF auction appraisal
MD500E for sale appraisal
MD520N helicopter appraisal
Pilatus PC-12 airplane appraisal
Piper PA28 Dakota airplane appraisal
Robinson R44 Raven II appraisers
Robinson R44 helicopter appraisal
Socata TBM 700C2 airplane appraisal
Westwind 1124A II jet appraisal
Wheeler Express homebuilt appraisal
King Air corporate appraisal
PT 6 Twinpack engine appraisal
Merlin IIIC airplane appraisal
S58T Airframe wreck appraisal
Robinson R66 helicopter NAAA
Piper Katana airplane NAAA
Galaxy corporate jet appraisal
Agusta 109 helicopter appraisal
Cessna 501 jet appraisal
Bell OH-58 military appraisal
AS365N helicopter appraisal
Bell 407 NAAA Helicopter
Bell 205A1 NAAA appraiser
Bell 47 helicopter appraisal
AS355 Twinstar helicopter appraise
Cirrus SR22 airplane appraiser
Beechcraft G17S historical appraiser
Agusta 109 helicopter appraisal
Bell 47 parts appraiser
Bell 206 helicopter appraisal
Islander airplane apprasal
Pratt R2800 engine display appraisal
Cessna 188B agriculture appraiser
Wasp agcat appraisal
AS350 Fuselage helicopter appraiser
Bell 47 airframe appraisal
P51D warbird appraiser
Tomcat crop duster appraisal
Lancair airplane appraisal
AS350 Medical helicopter appraiser
MD 500 helicopter appraiser naaa
AS350 component appraisal
EC120 helicopter appraisal
Cessna 207 airplane appraisal
Cessna Caravan airplane appraisers
AS350 helicopter appraiser
Bell 206B helicopter appraiser
AS 350 Twinstar helicopter appraisal
F190 Warbird Appraisal
Beech airplane appraisal
Cessna airplane appraisal
Turbomeca engine appraiser
Bell 206 helicopter appraisal
Beech 1900D commuter appraisal
Cirrus SR22 airplane appraiser
Beech King Air airplane appraisal
Bell 206L1 helicopter appraisal
Bell 206B helicopter appraisal
MD 500C helicopter NAAA appraiser
Cessna 414 NAAA airplane appraisal
AS350B3 helicopter appraisal
Bell 47 appraiser helicopter
Bell UH1B helicopter appraisal
Beach Sierra airplane appraisal
Piper Super Cub airplane appraiser
Beech B55 airplane appraisal
Alon A2 airplane appraiser
Cherokee airplane appraisal
Aerostar airplane appraisal
Cessna 310 airplane appraisal
Cessna 182 airplane appraiser
Bellanca airplane appraisal
Culver Cadet airplane appraisal
Cessna 340 airplane appraisal
Piper Cub airplane appraisal
Robinson R22 helicopter appraisal
MD 500D helicopter appraisal
Bonanza airplane appraisal NAAA
Bell 206L helicopter appraisal
Shortsky helicopter appraisal
AS350 helicopter appraiser
Lodestar museum airplane appraisal
Bell 206L helicopter appraisal
AS350D helicopter appraisal
NAAA airplane appraiser
S76B helicopter appraiser
Bell 204B helicopter appraisal
Astazou Engine appraiser
helicopter instrument appraisal
Sovereign business jet appraiser
Allouette helicopter appraiser
GulfStream jet appraisal
Merlin airplane appraisal
Bell206L helicopter appraisal
Cessna 421 airplane appraisal
Bell 47 parts appraisal
Lear 31 business jet appraiser
Bell 47 helicopter appraisal
Cessna 206 airplane appraisal NAAA
NAAA Cessna airplane appraiser
Sikorsky S61 helicopter appraisal
Bell 205 helicopter appraiser NAAA
Alon airplane appraisal
NAAA Cessna jet appraiser
S 64 Rotorhead helicopter appraisal
MD500C helicopter appraisal
NAAA airbus appraiser
NAAA Cessna appraiser
Schweizer helicopter appraisal
Beech naaa certified appraisal
Bell206L naaa certified appraiser
Cessna 172 airplane appraisal
AS365N helicopter appraiser
Cessna 441 airplane appraisal
Bell 206B helicopter appraisal
Enstrom helicopter appraiser
Fouga Magister warbird appraisal
Mosquito homebuilt appraisal
Airbus EC135 helicopter appraisal
AS350 NAAA certified appraisal
EC135 helicopter NAAA appraiser
helicopter equipment appraisal
Medical helicopter appraisal
Bell 206B helicopter NAAA appraise
Convair museum aircraft appraisal
King Air aircraft appraisal
Piper aircraft appraiser
Cessna 340 aircraft appraiser
Sikorsky  R44 helicopter appraisal
S64 Skycrane appraiser
206L3 naaa appraisal certified
AS350 parts appraisal
LTS101-600A3 engine appraisal
certified Cessna naaa appraisal
Piper aircraft appraiser
250-C20B engine appraisal
Silorsky helicopter appraiser
Rolls Royce 250-C20B appraisal
Cessna aircraft appraiser
R44 II Raven aircraft appraiser
NAAA Piper appraiser
NAAA Gulfstream appraiser
jet interior appraiser
Pilatus certified appraisal
Cineflex Camera helicopter appraisal
jet equipment appraiser
business jet appraisal NAAA
business jet appraiser certified
business jet modification appraisal
Gulfstream naaa appraisal
jet engine appraiser
Lear 35 certified appraisal
Sikorsky S76 Interior appraiser
S58T helicopter appraisal
Instrument helicopter appraisal
Bell 407 helicopter appraiser NAAA
T33 warbird appraiser
helicopter Interior appraisal
Sikorsky S76 NAAA appraisal
206L Interior appraisal
Bell 47D1 helicopter appraisal
Bell 204B helicopter appraisal
EC-130 helicopter appraiser
Cessna 414 airplane appraiser
aircraft damage appraiser
Cessna Skyhawk airplane appraiser
AS350BA helicopter appraisal
Bell UH-1H helicopter appraiser

All photos used on the website are from appraisals completed by Hart Aircraft Appraisal. ©Permission required before use in any form or on any media or site.

Airplanes & Jets 
Warbirds & Experimental

Our Provided Services:

Completing appraisals on all types, makes and models of aircraft, both piston, turbine, and soon to be electric powered, with a unique and particular expertise in helicopters, Hart Aircraft Appraisal has been serving the aviation and financial industries with valuation expertise for over 45 years.

  • Accepted by Financial and Government Institutions

Our accreditation is of the highest standards and all reports follow the criteria established by USPAP, ASA, and ISA. When comparing professionalism, experience, knowledge, reliability, accuracy, technique, and overall quality of work, Hart Aircraft Appraisal stands far above the competition. 


  • Providing Desktop and On-Site Appraisals

We can, and do, provide "desktop appraisals" as they certainly have a place in the appraisal arena and it is possible to accomplish a very credible valuation of an aircraft with one, but to produce a totally complete report, it is our opinion that an "on-site evaluation" of the subject aircraft and an actual review of its associated logbooks and records is necessary to generate a report that is detailed and accurate enough to withstand any scrutiny or examination from a financial or legal entity. 

The types of appraisals and services we offer include:


  • Market Value Appraisals, Future Value and Retrospective Appraisals, Liquidation Values, Damaged Aircraft Analysis and Diminution in Value Reports, Expert Witness Services, Aircraft Operations Consulting Services, and expertise on situations that may not fit any of the above.


Located in Phoenix Arizona, travel requirements to anywhere in the world can be arranged on a moments notice.

What we do!

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